About Me

Some more information about me

martinklengel-portraitHi, my name is Martin Klengel and I’m from Cologne, Germany.

I consider myself as a photographer and designer for graphics, logos and many other things. I went to a design school in cologne and studied graphic and media design in general. My passion for photography grew while I was studying so I did an internship at a local photography studio. I was fascinated by that kind of art and decided to expand my field of work.

I found out that I really love photography when I showed the results of the first photoshooting I ever did to the person I photographed. Her face lit up and I saw in her eyes how happy and proud she was to see herself like that. In return that made me feel unspeakable happy so I knew that this is what I want to achieve with my work – both photography and design. To make someone’s day every time I take photos or finish a logo or anything else. That’s what I love about this creative work field – I deliver happiness by doing what I love!

Anyway, that way I ended up here; having my own website and Instagram page as my portfolio and doing freelance jobs. I’m looking forward to work with you, no matter what it is that you need. Some nice photos? Maybe you need a wedding photographer? Or are you starting your own company and need a sick logo for that? A business card? Everything is possible so let’s find out what we can create together!

Thanks for checking out my website and for your interest in my work and me as a person. Cheers!