Web: Fräulein Lisa

„Fräulein Lisa Biscuit Factory“ is a cute little store in Ravensburg, Germany. In their own manufactory the small team produces unique cookies, so called „chunks“. The so far very underperforming online store was completely rebuilt by me and implemented with a fresh and modern design, without losing the cute and cheerful character. Fräulein Lisa Biscuit

Editorial: Climate Change Magazine

While I was training to be a „Mediengestalter Digital und Print“ in Cologne, Germany, this magazine cover, including two exemplary double pages, was created from a project assignment. Given elements: Freely designable:    

Web: Elbhunde Dresden

With a permanent retail store in the old town of Dresden, Germany, Elbhunde also sells nationwide via their online store. I took over the redesign of the outdated store and equipped it with new features. Elbhunde Dresden   EXAMPLE PAGES

Web: Bewo Plus Jugendhilfe

Bewo Plus Jugendhilfe is a non-profit organization based in Cologne, Germany, which aims to help young people and children in difficult family situations. It also aims to create an interface between families in need of help and the youth welfare offices. I implemented the website according to a delivered basic design, which is very complex

Web: Niva-Power

Niva-Power is a Germany-based manufacturer and seller of off-road accessories. From single car parts, tuning parts to whole vehicles, Niva-Power offers everything for outdoor and off-road fans. I was allowed to do the conception and design of the new website including store integration. Niva-Power   EXAMPLE PAGES

Poster: „Kulturbunker“

The „Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim“ commissioned an outdoor advertisement in the form of a poster, which had the goal of presenting the image of the Kulturbunker and making it accessible to a young target group. Only the logo was predefined. I developed a new slogan and took over the entire concept and design. The poster won a

Web: knitted4beasts

Behind knitted4beasts is a small sole proprietorship. The artist produces knitwear in unusual designs with great attention to detail and handwork. For worldwide marketing, a new website was needed, in which I also integrated a store system. The design had to be especially clean, modern and uncluttered so that nothing would get in the way

Web: Pott au Chocolat

Pott au Chocolat is a German manufacture for fine tastes. Specializing in chocolates and „From Bean to Bar“ chocolates, I was allowed to take over the new website of this family-run business. In addition to the pure web design, a shop system was installed. Pott au Chocolat   EXAMPLE PAGES

Heroes of History

I designed this poster series for the application process of a University I took part in. As the University is in Germany, the texts are in german of course but you’ll get the idea. The concept was to create interesting posters to raise the general interest in history and important historical personalities. As you can